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Trapped in a Bad Marriage? We Have Solutions!


Thinking about divorce? Is your spouse hiding money, mentally unstable, cheating, or abusing you? Or perhaps you are in agreement with getting a divorce and you just need a “voice of reason” to guide and protect you in the process?

As a seasoned, psychologically trained divorce attorney/mediator, I can guide you toward the divorce process that is best for you and your family.

No matter your divorce path, whether it be mediation, negotiation or litigation, we have solutions!

In over 35 years of practicing law and medicine and treating personality and mood disorders, I have learned that separation and divorce are not simply legal issues. Psychological problems drive the divorce process in a critical way.

Unlike other divorce attorneys, having a medical and legal background, I specialize in identifying and working with people who are married to spouses who are narcissists, sociopaths, bipolar, depressed, addicted and emotionally abusive.

I am uniquely equipped to free unhappy spouses from dysfunctional marriages with remarkable solutions!

My highly successful and comprehensive divorce process includes seasoned therapists, psychiatrists, financial planners and attorneys

who will understand what you need and can help you get what you want even in complicated situations.

Remember, no matter the path you choose whether it be mediation, negotiation, or litigation, you don’t have to tackle your divorce alone!

Having my full support as a highly skilled, psychologically trained divorce attorney/mediator, along with my team of gifted experts, we will empower you to safely take your first step.

Let’s start an informative conversation about your divorce right now.

Call to learn about mediation, negotiation or litigation. Answers are a phone call away!

All our free one-hour consultations are still available virtually.

Call us to schedule your free consultation and begin your journey to a happier life today! 212.734.1551.