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Do You Think Your Spouse Is Spying on You?


Do you ever feel like you are being watched? Well, maybe you are.

As a medically trained divorce attorney and mediator for over 35 years, I have had many clients share with me their suspicions, and no they weren’t paranoid, they were correct. Even though you trust your spouse, do you know if they trust you?

A few years ago, I had a client whose husband put a GPS in her handbag and actually hired someone to follow her. She was a yoga teacher and he owned a tree nursery. After she caught him having multiple affairs with neighbors and using drugs, she told him she wanted a divorce. He responded by trying to get the goods on her and had her followed. Except she wasn’t doing anything wrong, he was!!

It’s a terrible feeling when you think someone is watching you. It’s even worse when it’s your spouse. Is there a reason your spouse may be spying on you? What a horrible way to live. How invasive. Is it even legal?

In divorce situations, information uncovered by a spouse illegally can’t be used against you in court, but illegally obtained information can lead to legal, legit sources of information that can hurt you in court, especially in a divorce.

So if there is trouble in your marriage, or divorce has been discussed, and you feel you are being watched, you may very well be right!

Here are some reasons your spouse may be spying on you:

  1. Cheating: they may think you are having an affair and are looking for evidence;
  2. Are you drinking or doing drugs? They may use for custody purposes;
  3. Squirreling away finances;
  4. Saying you are not working, but you are;
  5. Gambling;
  6. Spending time with people (online or otherwise) your spouse does not approve of;
  7. Your spouse has control issues; they need to feel they are in charge.

Whatever the reason, spying is an unhealthy behavior. For people going through a divorce it’s important to be aware this can happen.

Be aware and consider your own investigation if you suspect your spouse is tracking your every move. Damning evidence could affect you in a divorce or custody battle.

If you are hiding something or cheating and haven’t covered your tracks, like the history on your computer, texts on your telephone, social media presence, Facebook correspondence, etc. your spouse may very well get rid of you once some evidence is found.

My advice all around is BE AWARE!

If you are concerned about your marriage and steps your spouse may be taking to watch your every move, contact me. We can discuss a healthy way to approach your divorce.

With over 35 years experience as an attorney and medically-trained mediator, I have the skills and resources to provide you with comprehensive support during your divorce.

My combination of legal and medical strategies is unusual, effective and highly successful.

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