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Divorce Check List!


Divorce affects every aspect of your life so choosing the right attorney to help navigate you through a successful divorce is key. Once you have selected the right attorney, the next step is to properly prepare for the first meeting.

Make a list of the questions you would like to ask your Attorney.

The reason you go to an Attorney is so that you are correctly informed of all the hurdles you have to overcome in the Divorce process. Therefore, no question is too small or trivial. It is important that you are as well informed as you can be and asking the Attorney the questions to which you want answers is an integral part of that process.

Consider what you would like after your Divorce.
People get divorced and hope to move on with their lives in as positive a way as possible. Considering how you wish to do this is important. If for example, you have no desire to stay in the marital home but would like to see your children at least twice a week, it is important that your Attorney knows this. If the Attorney knows what you want from the get-go, they’ll be able to represent you to the best of their abilities.

Tax Returns
This is usually very standard. Lawyers will most likely request the last 3 years of Tax Returns from a client, so you should be prepared. Tax returns are used in conjunction with pay stubs and other evidence in the calculation of spousal and child support.

Pay Stubs
Spousal Support and Child Support is calculated by income including what you and your partner earn and therefore evidence of this aides the Attorney in assessing whether you are entitled to or should be giving spousal and child support and how much. Bringing pay stubs to a meeting is a good first step.

Bank Statements and Credit Cards
There may be debt from the marriage and there may be substantial assets sitting in accounts. Either way, it is important that these are fully disclosed to your Attorney so that they can assist you with the resolution. Reviewing bank statements and credit card statements is very useful. I often recommend that clients summarize these so that I am able to get an accurate overview as quickly as possible.

Any copies of deeds to property, mortgages or equity loans are something that should be brought to your attorney. Division of property is an essential part of the process, so disclosing this at first instance is very helpful to a Divorce Lawyer.

Benefits are often ignored but are, in my experience, a prevalent part of any divorce settlement.
employee benefits
retirement plans
life insurance
health insurance

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