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Who Can You Trust With Your High Net Worth Divorce?


Divorce litigators want you to think your complex or high value estate divorce can only be fairly resolved by courtroom litigation. This is false.

In fact, spouses with high net worth have a great deal to gain via mediation, as well as much to lose should they choose to litigate. Horror stories about divorcing spouses embroiled in lengthy legal battles only to relinquish much of their assets for attorneys' fees and costs are common for this reason. Usually they are so embroiled by the time they realize it, that it is hard to stop.

I worked with one couple who, after spending $1,000,000.00 and two years in court, came to me at the recommendation of their therapist. I was able to finish their case using mediation in a few weeks for less than $12,000.00

The dirty secret of divorce litigation is that there is nothing “litigation” can help you achieve that can’t be accomplished with“mediation”. “Divorce litigation in court” often entails two seasoned trial lawyers, who, just before trial, launch into negotiations to avoid that trial. This is, of course, if you are both are lucky enough to have chosen two like-minded attorneys. But why spend exorbitant amounts of money hiring two lawyers, posturing, and battling in court before coming to the “settlement table”?

Individuals going through divorce who have a high profile and/or net worth often present unique sets of challenges. Some of the issues which may arise in these high net worth cases include the disposition and distribution of:

  1. Business assets
  2. Professional licenses or degrees (which offer increased earning potential)
  3. Stock options, IRAs, 401(k) accounts and pensions
  4. Trusts
  5. Real estate holdings
  6. Family businesses
  7. Professional practices
  8. Closely held businesses
  9. Inherited wealth
  10. Off shore tax haven property
  11. Separate property
  12. Celebrity value

If you have a high networth divorce you will not only benefit from my financial/corporate law background with Sullivan & Cromwell, but my over 35 years as a seasoned and highly successful divorce attorney.

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I look forward to showing you how to save money while obtaining your high net worth divorce.

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