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How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce!


When couples marry and have children and build a future together, they don’t think divorce will be part of the process, but sadly for many it is!

For children, watching or living in a combative environment can be very unhealthy. Sometimes a healthy divorce lends to the happy growth of one’s children. Witnessing fighting in high conflict marriages can be very damaging to a child’s development.

So once a couple decides to call it quits, the next important consideration is to decide how best to tell the children.

Here are some of my suggestions:

Timing Is Everything

Don’t discuss anything with your children while you are still trying to decide. They don’t need to go on any rollercoaster rides with you, other than those at Disney. Be thoughtful and careful. Tell them when you have made a definite decision to divorce.

Do It Together

You must present a united front. Do it together. Show you are both there for them and that you love them. You should create a plan together outlining what you will say. Be calm, confident, and reassuring. Try to focus on your child. Put aside all your anger and who is right and who is wrong!

With Little Ones, Take Little Steps

Toddlers don’t need a lot of details! Speak to them in clear, simple language. Reassure them that mommy and daddy love them. Little children don’t understand complex words, emotions, or concepts.

Give Older Children More Information But With Boundaries

Older children will have a lot of questions. Be ready! Be clear and direct. Children may not need to know about infidelity. Provide age-appropriate information. Emphasize they are not to blame. Discuss what will change, and what will stay the same.

Don’t Make Your Children Pick Sides

Never put your child in the middle. It’s unfair and hurtful. Don’t speak badly of the other parent. Allow them to have a relationship with both of you. The marriage is over but the family is forever! Tell them that you will always be a family. It will just look different but you will always be their mom and dad. Your child should have a healthy relationship with you both!

Create Stability

Divorce brings a lot of difficulty and change. Structure for your children will help with the transition. Stability is especially important for younger children. Acknowledge their sad feelings and focus on what will not change.

Talk about the good things that lie ahead. Remind your children they can always ask questions. Tell them they will be safe in both mom and dad’s home. Lots of reassurance with cuddles and kisses will reassure them that all will be well.

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