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Divorce Story


As a divorce attorney and psychologically trained mediator, I hear all kinds of diverse divorce stories. I have decided to share some of these stories monthly with you.

Naturally, I will change the names and some of the details to protect my client’s confidentiality. The purpose of sharing these divorce stories with you is to let you know you are not alone. There are peaceful, rational solutions available to you. You really can have a happily-ever-after.

Kelly and Brad were married for 5 years. They had an 18-month-old son. They were both professionals. She was an advertising executive, and he was a filmmaker. They lived in a cooperative apartment in Forest Hills, Queens.

When I received a phone call from Kelly on a Saturday, she was calling from her doctor’s office. She was being encouraged by her therapist to move forward with her divorce and her therapist suggested she call me right away.

During our phone consultation, she told me that her husband was using drugs and was a danger to her and their child. She was very upset and wanted a divorce a.s.a.p. The addiction had been going on for a long time. She still loved Brad but could no longer live an unhealthy, chaotic life.

Kelly explained she had supported her husband in financing some of his film projects. She was concerned about how he would react to a conversation about divorce and wanted to know how to approach this difficult subject.

They owned a cooperative apartment valued at $700,000.00, and she earned more money as an ad executive because most of Brad’s film work was not lucrative. She was concerned about having to support Brad since she earned more money.

Kelly explained she wanted full custody and some type of supervised visitation. She also wanted to keep the marital residence.

I told her battling in court might not be the best solution. I encouraged her to consider mediation because her case, and more importantly her family, deserved a compassionate approach to their divorce.

There were elements of this case that required some emotional sensitivity and negotiation. In addition, I told her it could cost many, many thousands of dollars to fight this case in court, not to mention taking several years. I explained this approach was not wise and might not be necessary.

We discussed mediation in detail, and I made suggestions as to how to talk about divorce with Brad. She agreed mediation might be a better approach.

I invited her husband in an email to have a conversation with me about mediation. He called and agreed to give mediation a try. I’m happy to report, in this case, mediation really worked.

They both agreed Kelly should have full custody. Brad agreed he needed help for his drug addiction and should have supervised visitation. I was able to give him some support from addiction specialists who are part of my amazing team of professionals. Kelly and their child stayed in the marital residence and Brad received spousal support from Kelly for a short period of time so he could get on his feet. They divided their assets and handled their debts.

Mediation made it possible for this family to move through the divorce process with strength and dignity!

If this sounds like your situation, please know that discussion, compassion, negotiation, and solid legal guidance can solve your divorce problems.

If you would like to share your story, please call me. I will give you common-sense answers to all your divorce questions. I will help you, as I did with Kelly and Brad and their family, to find a silver lining, using my powerful divorce mediation method so you can move on with your life peacefully.

All our FREE consultations are discreetly and conveniently conducted virtually to reduce risk.

I look forward to hearing your story and helping you find the best possible solution.

Stay healthy and safe!

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